Dear Mother In Law

Today you desided it was time to tell me how you really feel about me and your son We both don't care if you come or not to our wedding I don't care that you feel the need to put me down and tell me I only think about myself when thats completly not true I don't care that you don't eant to move on from a problem with my family that you just eont stop hurting your son and making him happy I dont care how selfish and ungreatful you are or how you want nothing to do with i don't care that your jelious of how much your son loves me and the fact that soon we will get married and your unhappiness and unjoyfullness will not be there so you can go fuck your self your nothing but selfish you couldnt even just put your own feelings aside for you youngest son your a big bitch and have nothing eles but to do than make trouble and you are not worth anyones time you don't deserve to see us happy because you are a horriable person I would never say these thing ever to you because I am a better person even your son knows it you will get what you want and one day you will regret it when your grandkids don't even know who the fuck you are cause your such a dirty scum bag I could go on forever but I wont its bedtime just needed to vent about a bitchy retart mother In law that is not normal and is racist against me omg your son follow the same thing as me your mental Id never judge anyone for anything what a bitch seriously.

From Your Daughter inlaw that fucking wishes you could fuck off to another country you crazy bitch !!

P.S you can't cook for shit !!

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Dear In-Laws

Please come to see your grandson. It's been 6 months since you've seen him longer then 5 minutes. We live barely 5 minutes away, and you keep coming up with excuses. Just because you don't like me doesn't make him any less part of your family. I am about to just say screw it and refuse to let you see him at all. My own mother has seen him more in the last week then you have in the last 3 months, so get your shit together for once.

I freaking hate you-

Dear Mommy Dearest In Law

Please do not tell me how I should raise my kids. You did a horrible job with all three of yours. My husband you did not raise (your mother did), your middle child is a hoe, and your youngest son that is only 16 might have herpes type 1 and 2. Oh and by the way you will never be allowed near my children without supervision.

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god damn, i love u guys but you are always over, i was in my underwear and i had to tell you rudely when u came up the stairs that "IM IN MY UNDERWEAR" i really shouldnt take life so seriously but there is only so much u can take. Sure we live in your family home with ALL the in laws  brothers and brothers gfs, but you guys moved out, yet u are here EVERYDAY. i would LOVE to see you once a week but when i am in my underwear, and my hair is all messed up and u walk freely upstairs ALL THE TIME, thats pushing it. then u go and make some baked goods and give them to ur son, my partner while we are fighting. Its so RUDE. We need our space, or at least i do, your little boy SHOULD be a man but hes not and i am contemplating leaving because i am in a fucking relationship with the whole god damn family and itts too much. i wish we could have some inderpendance, we are moving out as soon as christmas is over, if he decides not to than I AM ! u will have ur LITTLE baby to urself. happy.

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Dear In laws of LJ

A new SLICE show is casting families with their in-laws to help warring families work our their issues.
They're paid well & an advice expert comes in to mediate.  We make it a fun experience and everyone is compensated really well.  If any common law or married couples are interested they can e mail casting at or in Toronto call casting @ 416537-8384 x20.  We want to hear your stories!

People who have seen it all with in-laws
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waste of water

Dear MIL,

We are in yet another drought year. The sprinklers go on MWF, in the mornings. That is enough. But, oh, not for you. Yesterday was Monday, and what did you do? In the afternoon, you went out and RE-watered already-watered plants, in both the front and back yards. You claim to be for conservation, and yet you're only adding to the problem! If your plants need that much water, they shouldn't be growing here in the first place. Yes, flowers are pretty, but get some that are drought-tolerant. That's why I re-planted a section of the front yard with California-friendly plants--because they don't NEED that much water!



your son's wife
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Dear MIL,

Talk all you want but I am not looking forward to spending Christmas with you and your family next week. Both of your kids are spoiled brats, including your son who I married. And you money doesn't impress me. I love Chrsitmas but this is going to be the worst Christmas ever because I have to spend it with the likes of you.
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Kids in straps

Baby Rabies

Dear Sister In Law,

I got your invitation to your baby shower.  I will not be going.   I don't like the fact you have never met me, refuse to call your brother(my husband) back and expect me to drop everything to get you a baby gift.  You get nothing from us.

Thinking you are selfish,
Your SIL

PS. Throwing your self a baby shower is very tacky and trashy.  You are total white trash.